Hotel’s rules


  1. Check-in from 14 hours, Check-out to 12 hours.
  2. If possible, You can use late check-out service. About that guest must inform the receptionist;
  3. If the guest departs not later than 18.00., The guest must pay 50% of one day accommodation service price. If the guest departs after 18.00. – 80% one day accommodation service price;
  4. Breakfast is served from 8:00 am. until 10:30 am.
  5. Villas guests must to know about reservation, the internal rules, visitors’ duties and responsibilities, prohibited activities, fire and safety codes of conduct;
  6. The services may be settled in cash, credit card or bank transfer;
  7. With all belongings, which Villa’s workers are found, hotel is committed to protecting 3 months, after the departure of the guest. Upon written request, the Villa’s guests belongings kept at it can be mailed or otherwise transmitted, if the guest agrees to pay for an item (s) of delivery or other item (s) delivery costs.
  8. In the Villa, from 23:00 till 6.00 prohibits noise (to listening loud music and play musical instruments, sing loudly, shout, whistle and otherwise unacceptable behavior). If the guest (s) fails to comply with this prohibition and thus disturb the public peace or interfere with other guests and / or employed, the administrator has the right to evict before a term. Money for accommodations in this case will not be returned.


  1. For the successful reservation, guests must pay a advance fee which will be deducted when paying. When booking, but does not arrive on time at the Villa, the advance is not refundable;
  2. If the guests left earlier, owner don’t have to return the money, which guest was paid for all accommodation;
  3. If the guests cancel reservation at anytime, reservation fee is not refundable.;
  4. If in the room living more guests, than indicated in the reservation confirmation may be equipped with an extra bed. Additional local price – € 10 / night.
  5. When booking, guests must to inform that you arrive with pets. Pets up to 5 kg in the price – 5 EUR / day. If pet over 5 kg price – € 10 / night;
  6. Children under 2 years old can book a baby cot for free. Please inform before arrival;
  7. One child under 7 years of age can be accommodated for free when using existing beds in the room.


  1. Upon arrival to the room, please to check it in inventory and equipment. About broken or damaged items please to inform the administration.
  2. Before leaving from the Villa to transfer the leased premises in good order, to take part in the transfer of leased premises authorized person. For damaged inventory or other things to pay at the same time.
  3. The guest have to return key (s) when leaving the room (s). If key is lost, then have to pay 15 EUR fine;
  4. Saving the water and electricity;
  5. Guests living with pets must take care that the animals do not interfere with other guests, lying in bed and do not contaminate area;
  6. Don’t make inconvenience for other guests to take a rest and use the common areas;
  7. Personal belongings to keep only its rented premises or in the car (for personal belongings is not responsible hosts).
  8. Observe fire protection and safe conduct requirements.
  9. For the children’s behavior and security is the responsibility parents or other children attending (mentor) persons.


  1. The visitors financially responsible for all damaged or destroyed homestead and its territory of movable and immovable property (for material damage caused to the customer responsible Ministry according to the law);
  2. If in a villa losses did the children, then have to pay for it by parents or guardians;
  3. If the guests or their children of injury or damage to their property for their guilty, the villa owners is not responsible;
  4. Each guest brought by an individual responsible for food quality and freshness;
  5. For other possible accidents that may occur within the homestead, in the yard, sports grounds, sauna, swimming in the lake, hot tub, summer houses and other places, all the responsibility are for guests;
  6. For accidents and their consequences that have occurred because of alcohol consumption, the responsibility of the guest;
  7. Parents or guardians of minors (supervisors) must ensure the safety of children;
  8. When guests boating, canoeing and swimming in the lake, must be wearing lifejacket;
  9. The main lessor undertakes to acquaint other guests with fire and safety codes of conduct and be fully responsible for ensuring that guests in the homestead comply with these rules;


  1. In the guest rooms are non-smoking. Violation of this rule shall be subject to a fine of 50 EUR;
  2. Children can not play on the water, to swim without a parent or adult supervision;
  3. It is prohibited to swim in the lake you feel weak, sick, under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  4. If not agreed in advance with the owner: do not burning fireplaces, barbeque or use other devices emitting an open fire, using any firearms, sky lanterns, fireworks or firecrackers;
  5. Do not move the homestead of the tangible assets and inventory;
  6. Do not use outside: the rooms towels (who are in the bathrooms), blankets, bedspreads, chairs, tables and other indoor inventory;
  7. Littering in the territory of the homestead (throw out cigarette butts, packaging, food waste);
  8. Wrap trees, trample the flowers or otherwise do damage to the environment;


  1. Neatly use electrical equipment, to prevent their use in children;
  2. When leaving the room to turn off the TV, radio, lamps, kettle, iron, electric stove and other electrical appliances;
  3. In confined spaces can’t have a flammable, explosive materials;
  4. Look to the evacuation plan, try to memorize well sites through which you can go out and layout of the stairwell;
  5. In case of fire in the room, immediately notify the emergency number 112 and call to responsible employee. Failing to suppress fire on their own as soon as possible to leave the premises and act in accordance with the administrative instructions or firefighters;
  6. In the event of a fire outside the room, immediately notify the emergency number 112 and call to responsible employee. Withdraw from the danger zone and to act in accordance with the administrative instructions or firefighters;
  7. Smoking only in designated areas and throw cigarette butts to the proper containers;
  8. Guests could burning fireplaces only with authorized person and after hearing the briefing;
  9. Wood placed only in designated areas a safe distance away from an open flame;
  10. Burning of fire, do not leave unattended children and prevent children from his burning or play with burning sticks, wood, coals;
  11. In the forest can’t use the fire (you do not throw cigarette butts, do not use an open flame);
  12. In the villa area, fire only create in the right place. It is prohibited to leave the fire unattended, would withdraw from the source of fire, it must be brought down;
  13. Swimming for kids, rowing a boat, fishing are possible only with an adult and wearing lifejackets;
  14. In the balconies, terraces, summerhouses, guests can not climb and sit on fences;
  15. Inventory used only for its intended purpose;
  16. The main lessor undertakes to acquaint other guests with fire and safety codes, rules, for all their holidays.


  1. For the consequences due to the fact that these rules did not know or did not comply guest and / or come together underage persons and / or his guests, answers homestead registered guest;
  2. The administrator has the right to evict the room prior to maturity persons who do not comply and a serious violation of internal procedures and rules of conduct. As well as to claim compensation for the damage and losses;
  3. Any dispute arising between the administration and guests homestead must be resolved through negotiations. If the dispute can not be resolved by negotiation, settlement of disputes between the Republic of Lithuania according to the law;
  4. Villa Ula workers reserves the right without prior notice to change these rules and regulations.

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