2020 06/23

Today in Vila Ūla we celebrate the longest day and the shortest night of the year – St. John’s Day!

The time of St. John’s Day is special – June 24 is the longest day and shortest night in the Northern Hemisphere (also called the summer solstice). In Lithuania, the origins of this celebration are associated with the mystical meaning of this phenomenon, which was given by our ancestors. In Lithuania, on this day, the Feast of Dew was celebrated, which after baptism was associated with St. Birthday of John the Baptist. Nevertheless, some of the old Baltic traditions of the Feast of Dew have survived to this day, and being unable to “kill” these customs, some of their churches have even included them in their rites.

St. John’s wort is associated with nature, so they include such elements as water and fire, plant symbolism. St. John’s Night is believed to be a great time for a variety of divinations and predictions of the future, so this celebration is inseparable from love, wedding spells, wreath weaving and floating, collecting herbs, jumping over bonfires and searching for a fern ring. The night of St. John’s Day also predicts the weather, which in the past determined the whole flow of human life, so the importance of this knowledge was extremely great.

Our manager Jonas will be waiting for all hotel guests at the St. John’s Campfire in the evening. Let’s celebrate and look for a fern ring together!